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A component-based system for rapid prototyping of Narrative Interactive Systems

AgentSlang is a collection of components, created on top of the MyBlock middleware platform, which enables to build rich, distributed and fast Interactive Systems. MyBlock ensures the component-to-component communication, dealing with data transmission in an efficient way. It adds a transparent layer of communication so that AgentSlang components do not have to deal with all these concepts.

The choice of a certain Message Queue protocol implementation has been done on licence availability, popularity and performance. In particular, we benchmarked ZeroMQ over ActiveMQ, to confirm that ZeroMQ (our choice) is a faster and reliable candidate, which supports multiple connection types, different communication patterns, the possibility to send binary data and the absence of a broker component, which slows down a distributed pipeline architecture.

The design page shows more details about the design decisions. If you want to try this please head out to our install guide or API documentation for more details about the available components.

The config page shows how to design an AgentSlang config file.

The demos page shows current implementations and projects using the AgentSlang system.

Contact details and contributer information is available on the team page.